Confessions of a stripper

Strip strip touch my hip
Take me on a ferry ship
Hold me here, Fuck me there
Make me cum on your pubic hair

Don't think this topic is taboo
My cum is enough for your shampoo
So juggle my tits on your hand
Take me to your fantasy land

Needless to say this is where I want to go
Got these horny genes from your family whore
I don't need to brew a fight
I just think your panties are too tight
So pull them down
So that I can tear your fucking gown

So let's take up some LSD
Cause it takes us to our ecstasy
Now that I feel your dick in my cave
Shove your manhood , show your'e brave

I see your dick dripping wet
And seeing this just makes me sweat
Ill suck it with what all Ive got
And that's the fucking reason why people call me Hot !

For all you Mofo bitches out there
Fucking learn some thing !



G.G. said...

You and your thoughts, the fantasy of evy guy! haha
n damn d!
way to go.
U 2 stay horny. ;)

upcummingpoets said...

Lmao . Sure :D

Anonymous said...

hey..thnx for the poem.. i was looking all over the net for some really raunchy poesms !

Rohit said...

Wow, you've got quite a hang of this. I write professionally but never read anything like this.

Moreover, it rhymes in certain places, that makes it even more fun to read. :)

How about I send you a poem to post here? I think I can write a decent one on this topic too.


PS: Do you write all these yourself?