Hornyness : The 2 Level


This poem isn't to be read by decent folk
Of mild mannerisms, and of a nice word spoke
Of virgin imagination, or of a mindset pure
Of those who think not of the erotically obscure
Whose presence of mind stretches a greater span
Not set on the baser thoughts oF carnal man
But who think on things that transcends the human whole
Learning more of thoughts of the mind and soul
This poem isn't to be heard by the virgin ear
Or of those use to the sounds of morality they hear
Of those who've been taught principles, sound and sturdy
To regard what I'm about to say as perverse and dirty
I invite those ones to shut their ears, and close their eyes
And for those who feel they can't handle this to do likewise
For I'm about to express a sentament as powerful as a potent pill
I'm so damn horny, I can't sit still

I think of nights when the moment grips
And the taste of moist pussy rests on my lips
Giving cunnilingus true and tried
Mackin' the twat, like a groom saluting his bride
A coochie, hot like a sun beaten stone
Lapping and licking the luscious lady like and Ice Cream Cone
Each lick exciting an arousing singe
Everytime my tounge passes a lip fringe
Eating out a vaginal venue with orgasms making a mess
Munching away, much like a man at a pie eating contest
Femanine wetness around my mouth and on my chin as she flows
Mixed with the smell of hot pussy now weaved through my nose
French kissing coochie eliciting a liquid cheer
As the oohs, ahhs and uhhs make love to my ears
Reminising on encouters that made my urges say please
I'm so horny, very horny, my thoughts are a tease

Flashbacks of ecstacy with motions bodacious
Leaves me with a yearning, and my private parts anxious
After tasting forbidden fruit, after-taste still on my tounge
Orgasmic wine on my lips have me sprung
Sitting still with these naughty thoughts, burning in my desire,...
To releave the tension evident in the bulge in my pants, and quench this fire
Wanting to insert myself inside a vaginal tunnel, fucking, for a time, long
Feeding the pussy with each thrust as it sings a silent song
Images of a fuck face accents the act, with each facial twitch
Mutually masturbating eachother, scratching that horny itch
Throwing ourselves into a madness of pleasurable pain
Fucking like wrestling lions on the African plain
Moving in and out with ferocity, servicing a very hot snatch
As I feel her throwing it back at me, like a kid playing catch
These thoughts and images are driving my urges wild
I'm so fuckin' horny, I hunger for sex, like food to a starving child

I'm horny as fuck, so much so, I squirm
All I need is a moist pussy to wet my worm
A freak that gives the kind of fuck I give, in body language verse
Who can quench my naughtiest urges, like water quenches thirst
I love a missionary style fuck of course
I also like it doggy style, and ridin' that booty like a horse
It is just my imagination, but this urge isn't gone yet
With imagery so real, I can smell the scent of a womanly crotch intermingled with sweat
By now, the momentum of words are stalled
And some just might be shocked and appalled
That I would be so candid, so graphic, so real,...
In expressing how fucking horny I feel
Maybe I touched a button on you, and you, and you
Because I know if you're warm blooded, sometimes you feel like I do
Riled in mind and body, I can't sit still in my seat
Passionate is my fire, for I'm a horny male in heat


Anonymous said...

somebody hold my crotch !!