Wishes of a Pornstar !

Here we are with our first poem, hope you like it !!

Show me porn, I'll turn you on
Spank me baby, All night long
Do it wrong I'll call King Kong
And he'll get a fucking hard on

So spray your load all over me
Make me cum and set me free
I like your d**k long and stout
Love the way you make me shout

Jizz jizz all over me
Pick me up and finger me
Make your d**k freaking long
Let it penetrate my thong

Get your d**k into me
Anal or fist , It's fine with me
Make me wet in your sweet cum
Quench my thirst and I'll say yum !

Cum cum is all I drink
Your sweet jizz just makes me think
Have I done anything wrong ?
All I did was sing a song !


Anonymous said...

wow...man dt was tyt....u cn turn ny1 on by dis shit...mmmmdts hot...gt lotta talent gal..dts aint easy..

ankit said...


u can supass shakespeare!!!!

Nivrati said...

Thank you guys . This poem is for somebody very very special :)
Anyways , more poems and fun stuff to come ! Keep checking the blog .

Love All

Howie DEPTH said...

OMG! this is really really cheesy! But I guess u'll get the hits anyway.
I'd suggest not to write so over the top. All the best...

peace n love

Nivrati said...

Thank you Howard but you know that I am a little over the top but Ill surely try and tone it down .

Keep visiting for more fun stuff !

Love All ,


upcummingpoets said...

thank you guys for all the comments..we really need them.