Pristine Desire

Pristine to the core
my heart you may not lure
all I crave, is a sensual touch of skin
not lucid like water
but something from within

Effervescence of your skin rubbing mine
like fire burning on cloud nine
is a desire i've been waiting for so long
don't make me wait, just come along

these changes in me, I fear to face
I need a hand, some loving trace
a sensual peck, a shove of lust
your sweet disposition is all I trust

starting to feel you inside me
it makes me wanna cry
but somewhere deep down inside
I know it gets me a high

the liquid warmth within me
I feel it flowing like Nile
caressing me from within
now you're all mine

Hope you enjoyed this poem, we had to really rack our brains .
Feel free to comment and leave your opinions. Xoxo


DATSAKS said...

I like it..... Naughty and Classy (a bit)... :P:P

UpcummingPoets said...

Thank you. we're here for your entertainment :)